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What Are You Resisting?

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I just got back from picking up a new pair of glasses. With progressive lenses. I admit they are a bit strange. (If interested, you can see them in the video above.)

My eye doctor wanted me to get them last year. I refused. I saw it as a step towards “older age”.

As the year went on my vision got worse. I had to move menus, books, or papers away from me to see clearly. Or I had to lift up my glasses and pull the papers closer.

So this year I went for it.

Now, I don’t know if you’ve ever had progressive lenses but they are different. The doctor said it would take some time to get used to.

This made me think about all the things we resist.

For instance, I talk to people all the time who resist things like public speaking, networking events, difficult conversations, promoting their work.

In a lot of cases they avoid these situations. By doing so the situations don’t go away. They often get worse. (like my vision!)

They still have trouble with their staff. They don’t have as many clients as they want. They aren’t getting promoted.

I, too, am a person prone to resistance.

In order to grow my business and get any meaningful work done I needed to learn how to communicate better. And I needed to learn how in a way that felt natural to me.

Now I enjoy connecting with others, speaking to groups and even selling. I’ve learned it’s not selling when you’re truly helping people.

I mean if I had gotten the progressives last year I’d be used to them by now. My life and vision would be better.

Is there something you’re resisting – a presentation, conversation, or sales pitch?

What would happen if you took a chance and stepped into the resistance even if it felt uncomfortable?

Would it make your career, business or life better?

Lean in and Loosen Your Grip

This reminds me of my first motorcycle ride in 1983. I was 10 years old and remember my Uncle Ron tightening my helmet as I straddled the bike. As we rode through his Michigan neighborhood I wrapped my arms tightly around his waist. He’d yell, “Stacey loosen your grip!”

On the corners my instinct was to lean away. However, on a bike you must lean in to the turn. Uncle Ron would yell, “Stacey! Lean with me.”

As I reflect on that experience, and every instance where I’ve resisted, I know that when we have the courage to loosen our grip and lean in to what we’re resisting the ride becomes so much easier.

Talk to me!

Your work, ideas, knowledge, stories matter!

  1. What are you resisting?
  2. Do you have the courage to move towards it?
  3. What support do you need to make it happen?

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