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Vanessa Everett

031: Vanessa Everett – Healing the World One Pancake at a Time

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The food business is no joke and saving the world one pancake at a time. That’s what Vanessa Everett founder of Angelic Mom and creator of JuneBug allergen-free pancakes, talks about on this episode of Engaging Voices.

This Weeks Engaging Voice:
Vanessa Everett
Creator, Angelic Mom & JuneBug Pancakes

Show Notes:
Vanessa Everett is a heart-based entrepreneur, certified Angelic Life Coach, Master Reiki Practitioner, and Human Services Counselor. She is married to her best friend, Stephen, and mom to their beautiful daughter Nora.They reside in a small seaside community in Massachusetts with their dog, Skippy.

In the summer of 2011, Vanessa discovered that her daughter had food sensitivities to gluten, wheat, dairy, soy, eggs, corn, and food dyes. While trying to adjust her daughter’s diet, she was divinely inspired to create a breakfast staple that was easy and healthy.  After lots of experimentation, and with the highest quality of ingredients, she succeeded in creating ‘JuneBug Pancakes – Pancakes for the Body and Soul’. 

On a personal note, Vanessa’s spiritual journey with her angels took flight when she became pregnant with her daughter in 2007. She has studied with spiritual and angelic teachers Reverend Elvia Roe and Karen Paolino-Correia and is forever grateful to Julie Rosenshein and Jill Sylvester, 2 people who have been instrumental on her journey.

Vanessa also earned her bachelor’s degree in Human Services with a specialization in counseling from Lesley University. She combines her education, experience, gifts, and talents, channeling the Divine realm, to guide her clients in a step-by-step approach to identify and support their child and their journey of motherhood. 

On this episode Stacey and Vanessa talk about…

  • What Vanessa wanted to be when she grew up (1:00)
  • How Vanessa ended up in the food business (3:15)
  • What’s in a name: origins of Angelic Mom and JuneBug Pancakes (7:30)
  • Finding Hope & Main an incubator for food businesses (10:30)
  • The process of bringing this business to life and why dealing with food is no joke (13:00)
  • How Vanessa felt when she sold her first product and interacting with customers (16:40)
  • How Vanessa keeps herself grounded as a food entrepreneur (19:25)
  • The importance of goals (21:45)
  • Hardest and most fulfilling parts of Vanessa’s entrepreneurial journey (23:40)
  • Thinking of starting a food business? Start here. (32:00)
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Vanessa Everett

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