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The People Appreciation Edition

Last week at the Virtual Networking Café the theme during the breakouts was gratitude.

I chose gratitude for several reasons:

  • We met on Veterans Day
  • It’s November, which although cliché, is a month associated with giving thanks
  • It’s not something I practice regularly. (I wrote about gratitude here. I’m going to revisit the question posed. A teeny tiny portion of what I envisioned came true. Let’s see what 2022 brings. I invite you to join me!)

Here’s a short list of what folks shared at the Café last week:

  • Grateful for their work and the positive impact it has on others
  • Grateful for the last 18 months. Even thought the pandemic STINKS it also provided space to pause and reflect on their lives and businesses in ways they probably wouldn’t have done otherwise.
  • Grateful for the monthly Café and having an opportunity to connect and have meaningful conversations about business. (Oh, stop, I’m blushing. 🙏)

My heart felt full to be surrounded by such warm, caring and fun people!

What makes your heart feel full?

As I think back on this year I appreciate the PEOPLE (this list is written in no particular order):

  • Friends and family I got to hug and share a laugh with
  • Colleagues who recommended I speak at various online and in person events
  • Healers who supported my efforts to work through really strong emotions
  • Coaches who asked poignant questions and kicked my butt when needed
  • Clients who were committed to elevating themselves and their ideas
  • You, my newsletter readers, who spend time every couple of weeks reading and responding
  • Virtual Café attendees, who shared themselves selflessly

The Importance of Putting Yourself Out There

With the exception of my family, guess how I met these people?

Networking: at events, 1 to 1, on social media, on Zoom, introductions through colleagues.

When we have the courage to #shedtheformality and show up, share what’s important and stay in touch with people we meet/know, magic happens.

With the right people in your corner, even the toughest times get easier.

So whether we connect in person, on Zoom, or non-verbally through this newsletter, I appreciate you.

Your presence made the last year better.


What or who are YOU showing appreciation for today?

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