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Tamara Gardner

022: Tamara Gardner – Boldly Branded

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Authentic branding and being true to you. That’s what Tamara Gardner, creator of Boldly Branded, talks about on this episode of Engaging Voices.

This Weeks Engaging Voice:
Tamara Gardner
Founder, Boldly Branded

Show Notes:

Be True to You. – Tamara Gardner

Tamara Gardner is a corporate refugee and entrepreneur known as a brand evangelist, author and professional speaker working and residing on the South Shore in Massachusetts.

As the owner of Boldly-Branded, she focuses on harnessing the power of words and “scroll stopping” visuals to help businesses, professionals, and event promoters communicate their brand and value strategically and powerfully.

After evolving from a well-behaved southern girl to more of a “Julia Sugerbaker” kind of woman, Tamara sought to pay forward her lessons and founded the now viral online brand Be BOLDacious  to start a revolution of women comfortable with being real and “tossing the script” society gave them on who they “should” be.

On this episode Stacey and Tamara talk about…

  • What Tamara wanted to be when she grew up (:35)
  • Leaving corporate, rebranding and entrepreneurial spirit (3:35)
  • Why words, messaging and telling YOUR story matter (11:05)
  • Marketing substance and making people think (15:40)
  • Promoting a “fake” brand and marketing intentions (20:10)
  • Importance of values in marketing and business (24:20)
  • Vulnerability hangovers and taking time to recharge (29:10)
  • Challenges Tamara has overcome since starting her business (36:15)
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Tamara Gardner

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