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Susan Finn

032: Susan Finn – Rise Above Noise

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Protecting your energy and showing up authentically online. That’s what Susan Finn creator of Rise Above Noise talks about on this episode of Engaging Voices.

This Weeks Engaging Voice:
Susan Finn
Founder, Rise Above Noise

Show Notes:
Susan Finn is a Connector. It’s been her passion – her legacy – to connect people with the other people and services that will help them grow in their professional and personal life.

In the 12 years that Susan sat as the founder and director of the Women’s Business Network of Southeastern Mass, she guided business owners to take control of and make the most of their digital platforms so they could attract more clients with less of the “ick”.

Since then, Susan has worked with dozens of clients, ran numerous group programs and spoken in front of many organizations. She created “Rise Above Noise”, a 5-module system designed to guide every business owner with what it takes to spotlight their authenticity and their professional expertise so they can stand out with integrity in a busy and noisy digital world.

Susan’s mission is to guide you toward systems and support that will help you shine your light to attract those you are meant to serve. She wants you to show up with consistency and integrity while also protecting your precious time and energy.

Susan currently lives in Westport, MA with her husband, Mitch (who is also her high-school sweetheart) and her black German shepherd dog, Kenai (pronounced Key-Nye). Mitch and Susan have successfully launched 4 adult children.

Susan is on the advisory board for a number of local and national women’s collaboratives including SheBreathes Balance (Walpole, MA), South Shore Conference for Women, and Polka Dot Powerhouse.

Susan’s superpowers include calm and patience.

On this episode Stacey and Susan talk about…

  • What Susan wanted to be when she grew up (1:30)
  • How she started Rise Above Noise (8:40)
  • What makes someone “heart-centered” (10:50)
  • On practicing what you preach and how Susan manages her own social media presence (13:30)
  • How her work today is all about “figuring things out” (17:27)
  • Using social media for business and digital minimalism (21:10)
  • Biggest challenges starting her business (26:05)
  • Using social media without losing your mind! (30:00)
  • You can’t have magic skills and then hide them (36:00)
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Susan Finn

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