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Sarah Scala

Coming out as an LGBTQ+ Business – Sarah Scala

When we hide parts of ourselves, whether it’s our age, disability, race, gender, or orientation, it takes a lot of work and effort. And now it just feels like that weight is mostly lifted off my shoulders. – Sarah Scala

Meet Sarah Scala, Leadership Coach & Consultant

Sarah Scala

Sarah Scala is a sought after speaker and coach supporting the unique needs within the LGBTQ+ community. She is a high-energy senior talent management leader focused on increasing client revenue, reducing turnover, and creating business value through executive coaching, organization development, public speaking, and change management.
Sarah lives with her partner, Holly, in Boston, MA.  

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Show Notes

  • Coming out as an LGBTQ+ business (:59)
  • Challenges, pushback and personal benefits of coming out as an LGBTQ+ business (5:58)
  • The importance of creating safety – psychological, online, at work – in order to come out (12:04)
  • The opportunities that have opened up for Sarah as a result of coming out as an LGBTQ business (30:00)
  • How can other leaders or organizations create safe and inclusive spaces for folks to come out as LGBTQ+? (34:39)
  • The importance of growth and taking risks (36:53)

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What makes LGBTQ+ Executive / Leadership Coaching different?

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Sarah Scala

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