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Reflections on 2022: What are you pleased with?

What are you pleased with?

When I had my business I’d ask this question at the end of a workshop.

As part of my 2022 reflection, I decided to ask this question of myself.

I like it better than, “What did you accomplish?” Feels more aligned with my desire for ease.

Below are three of my answers. What are you pleased with?

Radical Rest

When burnout got me (and not in the cliché kind of way but in the “I have no interest or energy in anything and just want to sit and watch Netflix all day” way) the usual activities – yoga, meditation, journaling, walks in nature – weren’t enough to recharge my burned out spirit.

Instead, I needed to socialize and be around people. So, I got a part-time job out side the house (Trader Joe’s). Not only did I get to see and talk to people on the regular, I got to REST. Despite the highly physical nature of the job (stocking shelves, standing for 8 hours at a time) I didn’t have to THINK about anything (including what to wear, what to do or when I’d get paid). It was that combination of people and getting out of my head that finally recharged my mind and spirit.

I called it radical rest. (Unfortunately I didn’t make that up. Google it.).

Lesson: Get curious about what you’re experiencing and what’s truly needed to recharge. It may not be what you think.

New Job

After 16 years of self-employment I got a full-time job. And I could’t be more delighted. It fits my skills and my values. Plus my co-workers are great. We compliment each other’s skills and get along really well. 

Lesson: Self-employment is not the only path to freedom, flexibility and meaningful work. When you know who you are and what you want, the right fit will be there. (More lessons to come as I enter month 6 of the job!)

Vulnerability Through Singing

I’ve been taking voice lessons for more than 7 years. My 2022 intention was to sing with more freedom. No holding back! In November my teacher hosted a small gathering for some of her students. After a bit of networking we each got to sing song we’d been working on. The day of I almost changed my tune (pun intended).

Fear of it not sounding “perfect” almost got the best of me. Then I remembered my intention – to sing without holding back. To have fun and invite people in to sing and dance with me.

The intention paid off. It felt amazing to let loose! Thanks to my friend, and fellow singer, Jane, you can watch the video below (feel free to forward through the 1st 2 minutes where I ramble on about why I picked this song. Or use it as a lesson in why we shouldn’t wing it when public speaking. Your choice). (Having trouble viewing the video? Click here)

Lesson: Stay true to who you are, no holding back. Your people will be attracted to that energy and connect with you.

Wishing you a healthful, joyful, prosperous, peaceful – whatever you desire – New Year.

See you in 2023!

As you think back on 2022, what are YOU pleased with?

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