Are You Ready to Take the Lead?

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I’d like to share a recent phone conversation.

Earlier this week I spoke to a woman inquiring about leadership and communication coaching. She wants to elevate her game in the organization where she works. She’s currently dealing with two hurdles:

  • First, a series of personal disruptions have left her feeling emotionally overwhelmed and in her words, not feeling like herself.
  • Second, high levels of public speaking and communication anxiety are negatively affecting her job performance.

The good news? She wants to get stronger in both areas.

As I listened, I realized that in order to accomplish great work – to take the lead in our business, career, or community – we must…

  • Feel physically and emotionally strong so we can appreciate success and bounce back from roadblocks or set backs.
  • Confidently and effectively communicate our vision, stories and ideas in an engaging and persuasive way if we want to connect better with others and boost job performance.

If we struggle in either of those areas then our ability to build relationships, our job performance and our overall well-being could suffer.

What do you wish to accomplish?

Everyone has the potential to lead – to see problems and take action to solve them – regardless of your role or job title. And to do that we need to…

  • Move. If something is holding you back, you must be willing and able to take a new direction. For example, if speaking anxiety is keeping you from promoting your work or delivering presentations that will grow your career or business, you must be willing and able to step into that discomfort. Do you have the courage and desire to MOVE?
  • Recharge and refocus. We must consistently take time to build the physical and emotional strength needed to appreciate success and bounce back from roadblocks or setbacks. Activities like hiking, jogging, gardening, knitting, creative endeavors yoga, mindfulness and journaling can help (figure out what works for you). BREATHE to recharge and refocus.
  • Communicate better verbally. We must be able to express our vision, stories and ideas verbally so we can connect better with others and boost job performance. EXPLORE what you want to say and how you want to say it to achieve desired results.

Here’s the bottom line

More than ever the world needs people like you to share their vision, stories and ideas. Whether you want to start a business, write a book, take a leadership position, give a speech – your voice matters.

Your voice has the power to get someone out of a funk, make them sit a little taller and inspire them to take positive action.

The only question I have left for you today is…do you have the courage to take the lead?

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