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Engaging Voices Podcast

007: Patrick Flaherty – Caring Leadership and Having a Mission

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How much do you care about your clients and employees? Patrick Flaherty, the founder of Guided Living Senior Care, has made caring a #1 priority. On this episode of Engaging Voices, Stacey and Patrick talk about the importance of having a mission, caring leadership and what lead Patrick to run for local political office.

This Weeks Engaging Voice:
Patrick Flaherty
Founder, Guided Living Senior Home Care

Show Notes:
Patrick Flaherty founded Guided Living after seeing the difficulties of finding trustworthy and reliable in-home care. He wanted to create a company where the quality of care and communication with clients and their families were the unwavering top priorities.

He has incorporated great technology into the company like an online family portal that gives families a real time look into their care. One of his goals is to build trust and show accountability to clients and their families through transparency.

Patrick’s team has set the highest standards for care and each client has a dedicated Registered Nurse that will supervise caregivers, perform regular in home check-ins, and most importantly be available for clients and families to help navigate through tough questions and uncertainties during difficult times.

The Guided Living Team treats clients and their families as their own.

He’s in this business because of his passion for care and it’s Patrick’s #1 priority.

On this episode Stacey and Patrick talk about…

  • Patrick’s big dreams as a young boy and how they play out today (1:00)
  • What lead Patrick to start Guided Living Senior Home Care (3:00)
  • Why mission and vision are important to getting the right team in place (8:25)
  • Importance of “intent” when dealing with stress and conflict (13:10)
  • Using technology to communication important information effectively (17:50)
  • What brings Patrick the most fulfillment at work (19:00)
  • Caring leadership – finding purpose, meaning and success (21:35)
  • What’s next for Guided Living? (23:45)
  • Why Patrick got into local politics (27:45)
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