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Overthinking = Creatively Blocked

I’m the worst…last time I told you I was going to keep up a regular blog and since then I’ve been creatively blocked.

Which in my world equates to OVERTHINKING.

Have you ever experienced that?

Here’s what I’m overthinking…

  • Will this sound foolish?
  • Is it good enough?
  • How can I become the Taylor Swift of newsletters where no matter what I write or how much I charge (currently zero) people will wait hours and hours to get the blog? (Have no idea what I’m talking about? Click here).

Talk about pressure

Thankfully, a little journaling, meditation and conversation revealed to me these are the wrong question to ask (though I do find TSwift and the ticket debacle utterly fascinating).

Instead I must ask:

  • Is it fun?
  • Am I expressing myself?
  • Am I connecting with and entertaining you?

See that last one is the kicker. I’m not writing this newsletter to showcase expertise or get you to buy something from me (except tickets to my one woman show but since it’s not written yet, you have some time).

I simply want to share – stories, insights, music, humor – that entertain and move you to laugh, cry, work, live, create –  whatever – without the pressure.

And that’s a mindset transition I haven’t yet made. So, instead of entertaining and connecting with you on a regular basis, I’m worrying too much (in other words, overthinking) about what you think before I even create anything.

Once I had this realization I sat down and typed this up with barely an edit. (OK some edits, but mostly the ending. I had trouble sticking the landing).

And wow did that feel good.

Overthinking is exhausting. Action is invigorating.

Overthinking is a heavy weight to carry. After all, I can’t control how you respond to these newsletters. I can only control how and when I write them.

You and me? We may never be the next Taylor Swift, but someone out there needs the creations we have to offer. 

When we have the courage and support to let go of worry and overthinking and replace it with ACTION, we can feel lighter and more in control putting ourselves and our creations out there.

And that’s not the worst, it’s the best.

Your turn to talk to me

Did you get TSwift tickets?

What are you overthinking, err, I mean creating, these days?

P.S. In case you worry it’s too late to create, I came across this inspirational story online. A woman winning her first Grammy (for best new artist) at 95 years old!!

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  1. Laurie O’Neil on November 23, 2022 at 4:08 pm

    Hey you! Glad you hit the send button-that 95 year old Grammy winner was just what the doctor ordered!! Keep on keeping on (overthinking be damned!). Love your insights, humor and musings. Be well,
    Laurie O’Neil

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