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New Year: New You or New Perspective?

Went rock climbing with my 20 year old nephew on Saturday. An activity I’ve done 2x prior, the last time oh I don’t know 5, 6, 7 years ago.

Let’s say, I’m rusty.

About half way through our morning I got stuck trying to climb a moderate wall (the climbs are are all rated based on difficulty, kind of like ski trails).

I kept trying the same path thinking I simply needed to grip harder.


The Struggle is Real

man and woman indoor rock climbingSensing my struggle after 3 failed attempts, my nephew said, “Wait, let me try something.”

So I moved aside and watched him take a new approach. To my delight it worked for him so I tried it. And wouldn’t you know, up the wall I climbed. (That’s me in pink, after my nephew (not pictured) showed me a new perspective.)

By now you might be asking, what does this have to do with communication?

I’m so glad you asked.

Press Pause Instead of Push

Sometimes, when we communicate our message or interact with others, especially when things aren’t working or we’re experts at what we do and feel like we should know all the answers, what we need to do is pause and get a new perspective.

But formality and expectation say…

  • “Keep going.”
  • I don’t need help. I got this.
  • What’s wrong with me?!

When the truth is sometimes what we need in order to get the results we want is to pause, drop what’s not working and seek out a new perspective. 

New Perspectives in Business

  • “Elevator pitch” isn’t getting the referrals or leads you want, perhaps it’s time for an outside consultant to hear it and provide some feedback.
  • Presentations are falling flat, perhaps it’s time to pause and get guidance from a consultant who can get you to ditch the PowerPoint or tell better stories.
  • Upping your game and speaking to larger or new audience, it might be time to seek out some support because what got you here may not get you to the next level.
  • Client or sales conversations are full of conflict and misunderstanding it might be time to pause and get a new perspective on how to better listen, empathize and use curiosity to keep the relationship in tact.

These are a few examples that have come up with clients in recent months.

And after providing a new perspective, much like my nephew provided me on that climbing wall, they were able to shed the formalities and expectations weighing them down and perform at their best, without the pressure.

Now, that’s not to say that every new perspective will be the right perspective. You can, though, see it as a starting point to shed what’s no longer working and figure out what does.

Then you may find you feel lighter, more in control and more confident “climbing your wall”.


Your Turn To Talk to Me

Have you ever gone rock climbing?

What’s your favorite way to spend time with family?

What new perspective do you have for 2022?

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