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Julie Brown

Network your way to more opportunities with Julie Brown


Effective follow up starts in the conversation that you have when you meet that person. When we have these very surface level, superficial conversations, it’s hard to follow up. – Julie Brown

Meet Julie Brown, Networking Expert & Author

Juile BrownJulie is a motivating, high energy speaker, teaching the importance of networking, and why you are your best business development tool. Julie has been invited to speak on the power of networking and relationship building by numerous conference organizations and private companies across the country.

She is the Author of This Shit Works: A No-Nonsense Guide to Networking Your Way to More Friends, More Adventures, and More Success, a book dedicated to making networking easy, accessible and fun, as well as the host of This Sh!t Works a podcast dedicated to all things business development.

Julie’s advice strikes the perfect balance of humor and expertise gained from more than 20 years of networking experience. Julie shows you everyone at any stage of their career that you can unapologetically be who you are authentically and still be WILDLY successful.


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Show Notes

  • What Julie wanted to be when she grew up and how that plays out today (1:48)
  • How Julie became a networking expert (5:30)
  • The importance of tapping into the network of others (9:36)
  • The ideal size of your network and how to maintain it (11:30)
  • What happens when people don’t appreciate your energy (21:30)
  • Insights on creating content in your true voice (25:30)
  • How Julie defines networking (31:07)
  • On putting a swear word in the title of her book/podcast (34:11)
  • Tips on effective follow up (39:49)

“It’s not my job to be for everyone. My job is to be exactly who I am for the people who think I’m the kind of person they need.” – Julie Brown

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Julie Brown

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