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Nancy Medoff

Episode 63: Communicate Your Value with Nancy Medoff

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Unmute yourself and communicate your value when the stakes are high. That’s what Nancy Medoff, founder of AthenaWise, talks about on this episode of Engaging Voices.

This Weeks Engaging Voice:
Nancy Medoff
Founder, AthenaWise

Show Notes:
Nancy Medoff teaches professionals how to communicate their value when the stakes are high. This could mean more clients, faster promotions, better projects, higher salary, more resources for your teams, or simply being recognized for your value.

She does this by sharing persuasion techniques which can be used in any situation to get and keep the attention of the people who matter and be more powerful in the room.

On this episode, Stacey and Nancy talk about…

  • What Nancy wanted to be when she grew up and how that plays out today (1:15)
  • Her transition from corporate executive to coach/consultant (3:30)
  • Differences between those who are comfortable speaking up vs those who are not (6:50)
  • Negotiation strategies to build confidence (10:00)
  • Nancy’s biggest self employment challenges and how she overcame them (16:10) (ie, she had to practice what she preaches)
  • How has business changed since the start of the pandemic (20:30)
  • The importance of finding your 3 key strengths, and then communicating them (24:30)
  • Why Nancy focuses on women in her practice (hint: she wants to close the wage gap) (29:30)
  • On managing personal wellbeing and energy (34:30)
  • Nancy’s biggest insight since becoming self-employed (38:30)
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Nancy Medoff

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