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Nancy Jacoby

From Employee to Business Owner with Nancy Jacoby

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Making the move from employee to business owner with today’s guest, Nancy Jacoby, founder of Nancy Jacoby Coaching & Consulting.

Meet Nancy Jacoby

Nancy JacobyNancy Jacoby is a former healthcare executive with 25 years of experience in the industry. Her leadership expertise is concentrated in Healthcare Operations, Change Management, Process Improvement, and Strategy & Business Development. Prior to her leadership roles, Nancy was a registered nurse, with a passion for caring for the geriatric patient. 

After coaching and consulting on the side while working her “9 to 5,” Nancy formally opened her business, Nancy Jacoby Coaching & Consulting. Her coaching clients include emerging leaders to physician and nurse executives. Nancy’s philosophy is to help her clients obtain awareness, implement changes and achieve desired goals and outcomes. 

Nancy has also worked with groups on team-building, enjoys facilitating brainstorming and process improvement sessions and finds fulfillment in creating leadership development programs. 

Personally, Nancy enjoys mentoring young professionals, music, fitness, food & wine, family & friends, and relishes time in nature. She resides in the NYC metropolitan area. 

Get in touch with Nancy

On this episode Stacey and Nancy talk about…

  • Nancy’s big dreams as a young girl and how they play out today (2:55)
  • Feeling stifled in a highly regulated healthcare industry (6:00)
  • Transitioning from employee to business owner (11:50)
  • Becoming a “salesperson” and overcoming roadblocks to “putting yourself out there” (14:30)
  • How fear held her back from promoting herself in a genuine way (20:30)
  • Feeling stifled in healthcare and consulting back to that industry (24:00)
  • How Nancy knows she’s bringing her full personality to work (hint: less tension more flow) (26:15)
  • Finding the courage to lead, talk and serve from the heart (29:00)
  • Nancy shares a question to ask to shed what’s holding her/you back (34:30)
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Nancy Jacoby

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