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Episode 20_ Nalani Genser

020: Nalani Genser – People, Culture and Well-Being at Work

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People, culture and well-being at work. That’s what Nalani Genser, speaker, coach and former Director of People Experience at Mavrck in Boston, talks about on this episode of Engaging Voices.

This Weeks Engaging Voice:
Nalani Genser
Speaker & coach focused on creating energy-giving relationships with work.

Show Notes:

Culture is not drinks on a Friday night. It’s how we treat each other every day. – Nalani Genser

Nalani Genser is deeply passionate about building and shaping experiences that infiltrate and affect our daily lives, particularly the relationship between our experience at work and our well-being as individuals.

With extensive experience in consulting, business strategy, and experience design Nalani brings a people-first lens to building and scaling teams and organizations that push themselves to constantly refine and evolve.

Currently, Nalani is Director of People Experience at Mavrck, a Boston-based influencer marketing start-up. Her work at Mavrck covers the entire employee journey – from cultivating values alignment, to recruiting and onboarding experiences, to coaching, to overseeing Mavrck’s offices and IT systems and beyond.

If something touches a squad members’ experience before, during, or after working at Mavrck, she probably has a hand in it. When not thinking about well-being in the workplace, you might find Nalani learning how to bake, taking a boxing class, or getting crafty with a hands-on project.

Tune in to the episode here.


On this episode Stacey and Nalani talk about…

  • What Nalani wanted to be when she grew up and how that plays out in her work today (1:00)
  • The importance of experiential learning versus more formal education (5:30)
  • How she got into people operations and workplace culture (9:40)
  • Challenges she’s faced in creating her role and a positive workplace culture (12:30)
  • The importance of Connection and values at work (17:50)
  • How Nalani became interested in the intersection of work and well-being (Hint: It’s personal) (26:20)
  • What’s next in the field of culture and people operations (33:35)
  • Biggest lesson Nalani has learned on her career journey (39:00)

Tune in to the episode here.

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Episode 20_ Nalani Genser

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