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Midori Evans

Episode 49: Unlocking Creativity with Midori Evans

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Unlocking creativity in business and life. That’s what Midori Evans, creativity coach, talks about on this episode of Engaging Voices.

This Weeks Engaging Voice:
Midori Evans
Coach & creator, Midori Creativity
Midori’s Photography

Show Notes:

When it comes to creativity, small steps make a big difference. – Midori Evans

Midori Evans is the founder of Midori Creativity, a coaching and consulting business that helps individuals and business people manifest their creative visions.

She is fascinated by how we create meaning and excited by how we become our true selves. An experienced teacher and coach, she explores the world through writing, photography, and solo travel. She has traveled around the world solo to places as far as Tunisia, Finland, and Japan.

In 2017, Midori walked the Caminos Frances and Finisterre in Spain. Midori Creativity offers private coaching, workshops, artist critique groups, and the Creativity Abloom pop-up conversation series.

Read more about her at, contact her at or look for her photographs at

On this episode Stacey and Midori talk about…

  • What Midori wanted to be when she grew up (1:20)
  • How she went from tutoring to a creativity coaching business (5:44)
  • Running a business when you’re creative (11:27)
  • Defining “artist” and “creativity” (14:10)
  • Midori shares her struggles with creativity and how she unlocked her creative side after health issues (18:20)
  • What Midori wants people to know about creativity (22:45)
  • Creativity doesn’t have to make money. Can do it for fun & self-expression (25:30)
  • 1st step to unlocking creativity – small steps make a big difference (31:00)
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Midori Evans

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