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Episode 46_ Stacey Shipman

Episode 46: Managing Strong Emotions with Stacey Shipman

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Managing strong emotions. That’s what Stacey Shipman, creator of Engage The Room and host of Engaging Voices, talks about on this episode of the podcast.

This Weeks Engaging Voice:
Stacey Shipman
Creator, Engage The Room

Show Notes:
I’ve long believed that the relationship you have with yourself is the foundation for all relationships.

That’s why learning to manage strong emotions is so important. Not only does it impact our personal well-being, it affects our ability to connect with others in meaningful ways and maintain work productivity.

On this episode, I share personal anecdotes and insights on how I learned to manage emotions, a breathing activity (it felt so good!), and practical strategies to support you in managing strong emotions during challenging times.

I also mentioned a few resources. Below are links:

That Discomfort You’re Feeling is Grief, (Harvard Business Review)

Conga, Gloria Estefan & Miami Sound Machine (Music video)

On this episode Stacey talks about…

  • Experiencing a range of emotions, grief, and listening to music to feel better (2:44)
  • Looking to the past to manage strong emotions today (4:17)
    • Getting laid off in 2001
    • Interpersonal conflict at work
    • Stress eating and yoga
  • Guided breathing practice to ground and focus (14:30)
  • Manage your own emotions to build empathy and compassion towards others (23:14)
  • Tools and strategies for managing strong emotions (26:40)
  • Message from the heart and showing up with ease (32:00)
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Episode 46_ Stacey Shipman

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