Managing Stress and Change

Managing Stress and Change


How are you holding up this week? 

Me? I’m living in confusion and questions:

  • How bad is this coronavirus? (I know, it’s bad)
  • Why haven’t they locked us down?
  • To charge a fee or not to charge a fee?
  • How can I balance staying connected to others and still have quiet time to simply “be”?
  • What will life be like on the other side?
  • What will happen to my business? And others in a similar situation?
  • How do I want to emerge after this?
  • When will I see my family? (last night we “Zoomed”)
  • How can it be that when I look out my window I see flowers blooming, birds chirping, grass growing. It all looks so normal.
  • What will be useful to others right now?

And as I continue to sit with that last question, I thought this week I’d share a handful of resources for managing stress and change, at least one’s that I’m using, to help stay grounded and focused through all of this. And quite frankly, these work any time you experience stress and change (i.e., new job, loss of job, promotion, starting a business, etc)

After all, we cannot be there for the people who need us – colleagues, employees, clients, family, neighbors, our community – if we are a stressed out mess. We must remember to “deal with ourselves first.” That’s really all we can do. We cannot control the external circumstances, no matter what they are. We can control how we respond emotionally, physically and behaviorally. 

Resources for Managing Stress & Change

Engaging Voices Podcast

Last week I felt compelled to record my first solo podcast on Managing Stress and ChangeIt comes complete with a story, insights and a 10 minute guided relaxation. The next day I published a bonus track that includes ONLY the 10 minute guided relaxation. It’s getting very positive reviews and feedback. Tune in from a phone, laptop, tablet or your favorite podcast app.

Yoga and Meditation

These have been my go-to’s for managing stress and change for a long time. Yoga helps manage my emotions and keeps me grounded during times of change or disruption. My sister recently told me about Yoga with Adriene, a website with lots of free yoga videos of varying lengths, skill level and reasons (ie, yoga for suffering, yoga for runners, heart opening yoga, etc). Check it out for a great at home session.


If I don’t laugh, I’ll cry. Recently a friend on Facebook told me about Bob Marley, a New England comedian based in Maine. Every day he posts a 1 minute video to his Facebook page that makes me laugh out loud. It’s a bright spot in the day. He’s mostly clean (sometimes he swears). Check him out on Facebook when you need a lighter approach to managing stress and change.

Connection & Community

Social distancing does not have to mean social isolation. Pick up the phone or schedule a video chat to stay connected to others. And a word of caution from my own experience: make sure you keep plenty of down time in your calendar for yourself!


Stacey SingingYes, you read that right. For four years I’ve taken voice lessons. I LOVE singing! And this week those lessons went virtual. During times of stress and change, it’s so important to EXPRESS YOURSELF VERBALLY!

Singing is such a great way to do that and move energy around that may not otherwise get moved. And no, you don’t have to sound good. Just sing! (Image: Me, during my virtual voice lesson! Taken by my teacher.)

Stay safe, be well, keep shining.

If you are up for it, leave a comment or get in touch to let me know how you are doing. What resources do you tap into to manage stress and change in your life?

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