Living Our Values

Making Decisions Based on Values Not Fear


Fear & Courage

Anger & Love

These are the dances I’ve danced most of my life and they are now heightened. Tough to navigate for a brain that craves logic and data and something to truly sink my teeth into so I can make informed decisions. Not emotional ones.

Last weekend I let fear get the best of me when I cancelled plans because of Corona virus. And then I got so angry questioning the reason why I caved. Turns out I’ve been giving in to fear for most of my life.

Today, though, as things escalate, and I run a business that focuses on face-to-face communication, I wonder what the hell to do.

I Don’t Want to Give in to Fear

That’s not how I want to show up.

Nor do I want to be part of the problem.

Thankfully, I’m finding articles that give me something to sink my teeth into and finally say, “Oh, that makes sense.”  Though still scaring the heck out of me.

Here is the sense I’m making: if this virus continues to spread, the tax on the health care system and availability of support for those who really need it (Corona or otherwise), has the potential to wreak more havoc than the virus itself.

And quite frankly I don’t want to contribute to that.

Making Decisions Based On Values

As I think about upcoming events I’m planning both on my own and with clients, as well as personal travel, I’m left to wonder what is the right decision? As I’m sure many of you are, too.

Luckily, on my run this morning, the insight I needed smacked me so hard I thought a bird flew into my forehead. And, I finally understood the importance of VALUES.

Yes, I HAVE them, but suddenly they grounded me in decision-making. Now I get why it’s important to LIVE them.

My values in no particular order:







Choose Courage & Love Over Fear & Anger

See, courage sometimes means taking action even in the face of fear. And sometimes it means going against the norm.

Trust. More than anything I need and want people to trust me. If I’m speaking to your group, leading a workshop, having a conversation, interviewing folks on my podcast or hosting an event, I need the people in my presence to know I have their best interests in mind.

Well-being. Basics here. If we’re not healthy we cannot be useful to others. So the well-being of myself, other individuals and groups is of utmost priority. 

Fun. When there is fear or worry about getting sick or what’s happening, fun is replaced with tension. 

Excellence. I take pride in my work. But if I’m worried about something, that work suffers.

Safety. This is probably tied as #1 with well-being and goes hand in hand with trust. I am committed to creating settings where people feel safe. And while I don’t intend to show up anywhere with a fever or coughing or sneezing, others might.

And so with values in mind, I’m going to cancel in person event through at least April and look into hosting virtual ones instead. Check the events page for more information.

Bottom line:

Today I choose courage. The Courage to make a decision grounded in my values, not fear, for the good of everyone.

Today I choose Love. And for me that means being part of the solution to contain this virus, one small step at a time, by canceling in person networking events at least through April.

And I will remember to lean in to my values the next time challenging or fearful situation arises.

Grateful for you and your voice and allowing me to share mine.

Your Turn to Talk to Me

How has your life or business changed as a result of Corona Virus?

How do you rely on values to ground you in any decision making?

Stay well, be safe. Your voice still matters.

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