The Shed The Formality Podcast has been retired.

However, you can download this podcast and all of the others from my Google Drive archive. 

Laurie Schloff

Communicate with Impact with Laurie Schloff

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I had to shed the belief that in 1 darn hour, if my client wants A, B, C, or D, I had to give it to her. – Laurie Schloff

Meet Laurie Schloff, Speech & Communication Coach

Laurie SchloffAs a lifelong communication coach, Laurie Schloff helps people achieve outstanding relationships and results through communication.

After earning her undergraduate degree in Speech Pathology from Rutgers University, and her graduate degree in the same field from Columbia University, she worked as a clinical instructor at Northeastern University, training graduate students in speech and language pathology before going out on her own.

Laurie has a particular interest in adding to human well-being and justice and works with the Anti-Defamation League, Oxfam America, and Room to Grow.

Laurie’s expertise, along with her intelligence, warmth, humor and creativity add to communication excellence and outstanding business results.

You haven’t earned the right to cut yourself some slack if you haven’t put 2 ounces of thinking into the event, situation or meeting where people NEED your expertise and planning. – Laurie Schloff

Connect with Laurie

Partners in Communication

Laurie’s Public Speaking Course

On this episode Stacey and Laurie talk about…

  • What Laurie wanted to be when she grew up and how it plays out today (2:15)
  • Her from speech pathology to speech coach/communication (4:45))
  • Formalities Laurie had to shed to get to where she is today (7:15))
  • How to adapt to your clients’ needs without losing who you are. (9:40)
  • Importance of setting boundaries, people pleasing, and enough is enough (15:30)
  • Practical communication perspective – what people need to shed to communicate ideas with impact (19:15)
  • Being human, making mistakes, drop perfection, acting vs natural (24:15)
  • Oral image (vocal image), the sound of your voice and why it matters (28:30)
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Laurie Schloff

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