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Episode 14_ Laura Willis

014: Laura Willis – Encore Revolution and Meaningful Work

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Discovering core values and passions is part of finding more meaningful work. That’s what host Stacey Shipman and guest Laura Willis, founder of Encore Revolution, talk about on this episode of Engaging Voices.

This Weeks Engaging Voice:
Laura Willis
Founder, Encore Revolution

Show Notes:
Laura Willis is a brand positioning expert, who has created award-winning web and print communications to help local, national and global companies, stand apart from the competition.

With over 25 years in advertising agencies and mid to large corporations in the greater Boston area, she brings real-world expertise to her own business, Encore Revolution where she focuses on our most coveted resource, people.

Laura combines elements of proven brand development techniques with personal growth and awareness work into a unique process which she teaches to inspire business professionals through speaking engagements, educational programs and private coaching and consulting.

She believes that when people align with their deeper purpose and passion and give it an authentic voice, they can make a bigger impact and have greater success.

On this episode Stacey and Laura talk about…

  • What Laura wanted to be when she grew up (1:25)
  • The beginning of Encore Revolution and her pursuit of meaningful work (5:00)
  • What and who inspired Laura in her meaningful work exploration (14:20)
  • What it means to align with yourself (16:55)
  • How the energy we put out into the world fits with purpose, alignment and connection (21:50)
  • What has Laura learned about herself through the process and self-doubt (28:50)
  • What is Laura’s purpose today (33:35)
  • Insights from Laura on finding your purpose and passion (36:50)
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Episode 14_ Laura Willis

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