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Laura Foley

Episode 89: Communicate with Empathy & Tact with Laura Foley

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“Tact and empathy are your best friends when delivering negative feedback.” – Laura Foley

Meet Laura Foley

Laura FoleyLaura Foley is a communication strategist who works with business owners, speakers, and sales professionals who want their marketing communications to drive business results and close sales.

She works with them on presentation development and design, conducts detailed audits of marketing communications, and provides focused skills training to make them more confident communicators.

A graduate of the Massachusetts College of Art and Design with a BFA in printmaking and graphic design, Laura has over 25 years’ experience in presentation design, marketing, and copywriting. She lives in Central Massachusetts with her husband and two sons.

And while she presents as a confident grown-up, Laura has a playful side that she’s only too eager to unleash once you get to know her.

Connect with Laura

Her website

On LinkedIn

Show notes:

  • What Laura wanted to be when she grew up and how it plays out today. (2:40)
  • The problem STEM folks have with giving presentations (5:30)
  • Laura’s biggest communication struggles and how she shed them (7:30)
  • How labels that stifle us and keep us from sharing ourselves and our personality and being more personable  (14:30)
  • The importance of practice to improve presentation skills and drop what’s holding you back. 
  • How to be more tactful – personally and professionally. (20:00)
  • So many elements that go into making a presentation work. What is a formality to drop to make your presentations better? (32:55)
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Laura Foley

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