The Shed The Formality Podcast has been retired.

However, you can download this podcast and all of the others from my Google Drive archive. 

Larissa Haynes

Leadership From the Inside Out with Larissa Haynes

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“I had to integrate who I am with the work I put into the world. – Larissa Haynes

Meet Larissa Haynes

Larissa HaynesIn 2020 Digital Influence Media named Larissa Haynes the #6 Executive Coach in Boston.

A coach and consultant, Larissa understands the landscape of business and what it takes to lead people through growth. She brings the theory and foundation of her MBA, the experience of over 20 years in business, and the practice of 10 years in coaching and consulting to her work.

She’s worked with over 200 companies and their leaders to help create efficiency and growth at all organizational levels. If you are ready to grow, Larissa is ready for you.

Connect with Larissa

Quivet Consulting

Larissa on LinkedIn

Stacey & Larissa talk about…

  • What Larissa wanted to be when she grew up and how that plays out today (1:30)
  • Formalities that kept her from being who she is (5:28)
  • Making a shift from finance to coach (9:00)
  • Separating personal from professional or integrating who you are with the work you do (13:18)
  • Taking up space and allowing others to do the same (16:20)
  • Going back into the corporate as a coach and the sales conversation (25:20)
  • Using LinkedIn to grow your business and make connections. It’s a conversation! (36:30)
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Larissa Haynes

About the Shed The Formality Podcast

For leaders & entrepreneurs who are great at what they do yet lack skills or confidence to sell their OWN ideas.

Tune in to the archives as Stacey Shipman and her guests share stories and insights on getting out of your own way, promoting your work, networking, leadership, handling adversity and more.

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