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Kristin McGillicuddy

Episode 57: Career Transitions with Kristin McGillicuddy

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Career transitions and gaining clarity about what you want. That’s what Kristin McGillicuddy, marketing and career mentor, talks about on this episode of Engaging Voices.

This Weeks Engaging Voice:
Kristin McGillicuddy
Marketing and Career Mentor

Show Notes:
Kristin McGillicuddy describes herself as a marketer, mentor, professor and practitioner.

She has 18 years of college teaching experience in marketing; her work with students extends beyond the classroom and includes mentoring, career coaching and developing experiential learning projects with local organizations.

In addition to teaching, Kristin has 20 years of business experience with senior marketing positions in areas like marketing strategy, product development, business development, innovation, integrated marketing communications, marketing research, sales, and brand management.

Currently, Kristin is a director at UMass Dartmouth in a role focused on planning, staffing, budgeting and marketing. She also volunteers as a marketing consultant to local small businesses and non-profits in addition to continuing teaching at the college level.

When she’s not working, Kristin enjoys life on Cape Cod with her husband and son, who just finished his freshmen year in college. They have 2 cats and 3 Siberian Huskies who enjoy hiking and camping with the family. Kristin has also played the piano since age 5 and volunteers as a piano accompanist for a local violin group; she has a paid gig from time to time, too!

She’d love to connect and talk about teaching, marketing, strategy, Siberian Huskies, piano, Cape Cod…almost anything.

On this episode Stacey and Kristin talk about…

  • Kristin’s big dreams as a young girl and how they play out today (1:30)
  • How she transitioned from teaching to marketing back to teaching and higher education (13:00)
  • The importance of money and a strong sense of self when making career transitions (19:00)
  • Importance of planning when taking a pay decrease during a career change (30:00)
  • Coming full circle and what’s next for Kristin (36:00)
  • Final thoughts and being a different person after a career transition (39:00)
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Kristin McGillicuddy

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