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Kim Miles

Episode 90 – Creative Entrepreneurship with Kim Miles

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Every single I’ve done worth doing in life is because I said yes and figured it out after the fact. – Kim Miles

Meet Kim Miles, Event Strategist

Kim Miles laughingWhat do you call a successful businesswoman with a vibrant financial advisory practice, 25+ years of sales experience, a performance background, and serious shoe habit? Kim Miles!

A highly sought-after emcee, panel moderator, creative collaborator and event strategist, Kim partners with her clients to deliver critical messaging to their key audiences in fresh, entertaining ways through her company, Miles in Heels Productions.

Kim is widely known as a powerhouse problem solver, kick-a** content creator, and hilarious humorist. When not working, Kim’s been known to take off her signature heels only to hit the links…that is when she’s not singing with her band!


Be sure to check out all things Miles in Heels at:

And get social with Kim at:


Facebook: Miles in Heels Productions

LinkedIn: Miles in Heels Productions

Instagram: @kimmilesinheels

“There is a difference between bragging and proudly promoting yourself.” – Kim Miles

Show Notes:

  • What Kim Wanted to be when she grew up and how that plays out today.  (2:44)
  • From wanting to be on stages and perform to a career as a financial planner (7:45)
  • Creative vs analytical minded and the struggles that come with one vs the other (14:00)
  • Virtual vs in person – it’s not the tool, it’s you (20:00)
  • Getting past hello, what keeps people from talking to each other and how to know the connection is worth cementing. – (24:00)
  • Networking is 90% listening and 10% talking. 10% of talking better be the best damn weaving in of your ideas and why they should help you and talk to you.
  • Promoting yourself in a male dominated industry and how to stand out and be genuinely you in business (like financial services) (31:00)
  • How Kim takes care of herself and her energy and her commitment to her work (38:00) 
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Kim Miles

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