The Shed The Formality Podcast has been retired.

However, you can download this podcast and all of the others from my Google Drive archive. 

Katlynn Pyatt

Authentic Marketing with Katlynn Pyatt

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“It’s impossible to be an expert on everything.  You only have to be one step ahead of people to add value.” – Katlynn Pyatt

Meet Katlynn Pyatt, Host Startup Marketing Podcast

Katlynn PyattKatlynn Pyatt, owner of Authentic Branding & Marketing, is professionally certified in Marketing Management by the American Marketing Association and holds two certifications from Cornell University; one in business strategy, the other in marketing analytics.

After twelve years of corporate marketing, she began her own business as a marketing coach for small business and corporate marketing teams to help them be strategic and organized in their marketing efforts. She believes in being brave, not perfect and in community over competition. Katlynn is also the host of the Startup Marketing Podcast.


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At the very least you have to be genuine. – Katynn Pyatt


  • What Katlynn wanted to be when she grew up and how it plays out today (2:50)
  • Making the move from corporate to business owner (6:00)
  • On getting out of your own way and feeling comfortable not knowing. (20:15)
  • What is an authentic brand and what keeps people from creating an authentic brand? (24:50)
  • Maintain the core of who you are even when you switch careers or job roles and having an easier time talking about your work. (32:00)
  • Katlynn’s best tip for authentic branding (40:00)
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Katlynn Pyatt

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