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Katie Corbett

Starting a Business That Works for You with Katie Corbett

“There will always be people who want to tell you how to run your business.” – Katie Corbett

Meet Katie Corbett – Writer Specializing in Case Studies

Katie CorbettKatie Corbett is a writer specializing in customer case studies. She is blind, and has used her disability as a jumping off point to shed many formalities to get to where she is today.

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Katie Corbett is a writer specializing in customer case studies. She has written for technology companies, coaches of all types, and educational companies.

In her free time, Katie enjoys baking, reading fantasy novels, and going on road trips with her husband. She lives in Wisconsin and thinks that cheese should be its own food group.

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Show Notes:

  • What Katie wanted to be when she grew up and how that plays out today (1:10)
  • Making the leap from employee to business owner (2:50)
  • Challenges/formalities Katie had to overcome in starting her business including people pleasing, boundary setting, experimentation and perfectionism (6:30)
  • What keeps people from asking for client/customer testimonials (12:45)
  • Questions to ask for a testimonial or case study (14:44)
  • Career Change and how Katie created her business writing case studies (18:00)
  • Why and how customer case studies work for the long term and Katies advice for people who think they can write the case study on their own. (28:30)

It’s a constant battle to make sure boundaries are set so that I’m not trying to please people who aren’t paying me.” – Katie Corbett

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Katie Corbett

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