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Jill Beresford

Episode 41: Increasing Gender Diversity in Business with Jill Beresford

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Increasing gender diversity in business. That’s what Jill Beresford, founder of Genderversity, talks about on this episode of Engaging Voices.

This Weeks Engaging Voice:
Jill Beresford
Principal, Genderversity

Show Notes:

Women are tough enough. – Jill Beresford

Only 5% of publicly held companies are led by female CEOs, and Jill Beresford has stood among those ranks since the early 1990s. She has spent 25 years in turnaround management and restructuring in a diverse spectrum of different industries and corporate environments.

Jill founded Genderversity in 2014, after spending over 20 years thriving in male-dominated corporate environments, but her experience in gender diversity began years earlier.

Credible articles that have been shared since the early 2000s prove what Jill knew all along – businesses that take on female senior leadership equal to that of male leadership outperform business that don’t.

Since 2014 Genderversity has been educating business on the financial impact of gender diversity by using the leading edge, international body of gender science. Genderversity applies the “why” and “how” to our gender differences and strengths, thereby maximizing corporate profitability.

On this episode Stacey and Jill talk about…

  • What Jill wanted to be when she grew up (:50)
  • Her shift to advising small business (3:45)
  • Differences between men & women in business (assumptions, empathy, value systems) (6:00)
  • Men as protector and provider (15:30)
  • Unconscious bias and emotional differences (18:45)
  • On getting rid of unconscious bias against women – women are tough enough (21:58)
  • How Jill managed her own emotions during difficult leadership issues (25:30)
  • What the future holds in the gender diversity space (31:20)
  • The importance of communication and the importance of positive feedback (36:00)
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Jill Beresford

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