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Engaging Voices Podcast

010: Courage and the Small Business Owner with Jacquie Collins

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Whether they realize it or not, small and solo business owners are brave. On this episode Stacey talks to Jacquie Collins, founder of Partnering for Performance, about the exploration of work, the emotional ups and downs of owning a business and the courage it takes to make it happen.

This Weeks Engaging Voice:
Jacquie Collins
Founder, Partnering for Performance

Show Notes:
Jacquie Collins has over twenty years of experience in the development, design, and implementation of business strategies focused on improving business performance.

As the Principal of Partnering for Performance, a Boston based business coaching and consulting firm, she works with owners of small to medium size businesses, independent professionals, and c-level executives to provide clarity around issues related to business planning, implementation and growth.

As a result of her coaching and facilitation, her clients learn to improve problem-solving, communication, presentation to the marketplace, and collaboration among employees.

Jacquie’s “Why” is to share the knowledge she’s learned as a business leader and entrepreneur with others. She believes in tapping into strengths and developing them to the fullest.

On this episode Stacey and Jacquie talk about…

  • What Jacquie wanted to be when she grew up (1:05)
  • Work exploration & finding a common theme (4:15)
  • Evolution of Partnering for Performance (11:35)
  • Finding the courage to take “time off” and refocus (19:05)
  • Taking courageous action isn’t the same as confidence & the emotional roller coaster of business ownership (21:36)
  • Give yourself permission to hit the reset button (27:15)
  • What’s next for Jacquie – Progressive Leadership (30:55)
  • Summing up the biggest insight in 20+ years of owning a business (37:55)
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