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Check in: How are you feeling?

I’m posting later than normal and on a holiday weekend. What would the blog gurus say? Well, I don’t really care.

I had something totally different planned today and scrapped it in light of recent events. Then I scrapped the 2nd thing I wrote and wrote this. Thanks to a voice lesson that released some serious you know what.

And so today I’m here to check in to see how you’re feeling. Because my friends and I are not feeling great. We’re angry, exhausted and ready to take action.

Maybe you feel similarly.

I see you. I feel you.

The truth is, I almost let this blog go another week. Here’s why: I feel very disconnected. One part of me wants to scream at the top of my lungs and march somewhere (where I have no idea) and the other part wants to retreat into anonymity.

And the reason I feel all these things is SAFETY.

I don’t feel safe. Heck, writing this message to you today makes my heart race.

I’m also tired of playing it safe. Hence this newsletter.

It’s quite a conundrum.

But then, I dug REALLY REALLY deep, because I know GOOD PEOPLE like you and me CANNOT RETREAT.

We must continue to show up, speak up and take action even when it’s messy, exhausting, and just plain HARD.

So I got out of my head and took some action (I had to remind myself, one step at a time):

  • Made a monetary donation to Sandy Hook Promise
  • Signed a petition to ban the sale of assault rifles to people who don’t need them (ie, non-military or police).
  • Wrote this newsletter because I am committed to showing up and doing the work. (Writing is one way to do that.)

Should you, too, feel that heaviness, exhaustion, anger, know you’re not alone. And while it’s easy to lose faith (is that just me?), I trust that if we work to process strong emotions (use them for good!), get curious and work together as one loud, caring and committed voice, we can rise above what’s happening and create a more safe and just world.

Your voice matters. Keep shining.

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P.S. I’d love to hear from you. How are you feeling? What action are you taking? I want to learn and do and talk. Leave a comment if you’re up for it.

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