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Grieving the Loss of In Person Interactions


Grief. It’s a word that I’ve seen referenced over and over on social media sites, podcasts and articles.

Have you seen it, too? Experts talking about our “collective” grief over the pandemic. Each time I read or listen, I think, Yes! That’s exactly what I’m feeling! 

Then I think, wait, what am I REALLY grieving? Monday I finally put my finger on it. See, lately a pull to produce less written word and more spoken word (like podcasts and videos) is calling to me. On Monday I spoke to a video marketing coach to gain a few insights.

Verbal Expression Matters

After sharing my disdain for the virtual world and social media and how I’ve purposely built an in person business (which now I have to rethink) I told him, with a hand on my heart, “I’m grieving the loss of in person interactions.”

He said, “That would make a great video.”

Finally, the grief had a name. And by naming the grief everything shifted. From blah to sadness, then lightness, then a plan for action. Connection is the craving that must be fed. And for me, that means expressing and creating and connecting verbally. Even in a virtual world.

(Side note: As I edit and review this post an email came in postponing an already postponed speaking gig until Spring 2021. Large gatherings aren’t coming back soon.)

What does that mean for you?

If you, too, are craving meaningful connection and conversation in a virtual world, you are in the right place.

My goal with Engage The Room moving forward is to provide strategies and opportunities to grow your professional network, promote your work verbally and thrive in business and life – online and in person (because at some point we will meet again in the same room. And I can’t wait!). More to come on this.

Until then, below are a few resources on grief and compassion.

Feeling off can impact our ability to communicate and connect in meaningful ways. May you find insights and comfort from the following articles/podcasts to help you stay connected during difficult times. (I did!)

Additional Resources for Connection & Community

In addition, I’m now going live on Facebook on Thursdays at 3:30pm for 30 minutes. Check out upcoming virtual networking events to stay connected, and tune in to episodes of the Engaging Voices podcast, conversations at the intersection of well-being and work.

Bottom Line

We’re in this together, we can get through it together. With honest conversation, genuine connection and compassion towards ourselves and others. Reach out if you need support. Send an email and let’s find time to talk through it.

Your voice matters. Relationships matter.

Take care of yourself so you can keep shining for others. 

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