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Are You Putting Good Karma into the World?


Last week, I took an online yoga class on Facebook through Burning Wheel Yoga (located in Medfield, MA. I’ve never been to their studio and am enjoying their online classes.)

And at the end of class the instructor, Jordan, talked about Karma Yoga. And, even though I’m a certified yoga teacher and avid practitioner, the concept of “good karma” struck me differently this time.

I’m not going to retell the story Jordan told, because I don’t remember it. But what I do remember is this:

Good Karma = Positive Action

Karma yoga = taking action because you know it’s the right thing to do, regardless of the outcome.

For the next few days, I contemplated this question of taking action. And I realized it’s really about the energy you want to put into the world. What energy do you want to bring into the world?

Of course, I brought this idea up on one of my virtual networking gatherings and we had a lively conversation about it. The conclusion?

We agreed to follow our gut and our heart and take action because we know it’s the right thing to do, regardless of the outcome. 

That means:

  • Reaching out knowing folks might not write back.
  • Promoting our work, knowing people may not buy right now.
  • Exploring new ways of doing business in a virtual world.

One attendee said, “I’m going to keep putting my work out there because I know it’s useful to others. I may not get paid right now, but I trust that the good karma will pay off in the future.”

What Does Good Karma Look Like for You?

This is most definitely a scary place for a lot of people. And I am NOT suggesting that anyone work for free. Everyone has to make their own decisions about what “good karma” looks like. And I trust you will.

Retreating, though, when you know you have something useful, helps no one. Believe me, I’ve lived in that world. And it only serves to create inner stress, anxiety and frustration. And we all have enough of that right now.

Here are a few examples of actions I’ve seen people take:
  • Publishing to a blog
  • Host a virtual gathering for clients or employees
  • Pen an op-ed
  • Create a short video series
  • Start or be a guest on a podcast (Side note: I don’t care what people say about “too many podcasts”, if you have something important and useful to say, say it.)
  • Reach out and say “hello” to colleagues
  • Moving a business online
  • Experiment with special pricing on a webinar or coaching program
  • Insert your own thoughts here

As for me, I continue to put out good karma by producing the Engaging Voices podcast, hosting virtual networking events, reaching out to check in on family and colleagues, and blogging. I’m also rethinking my entire business. More to come on that.

The World Needs Your Voice

Now, more than ever, we need creative leaders and entrepreneurs who have the courage to speak up, share what matters most, spread good karma and use their voice as a force for good.

Do you have the courage?

Be well, stay safe, keep shining.

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