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Girija Patel

Make Legal a Line Item Not a Panic Attack – Girija Patel

Don’t get discouraged because you are different and don’t get discouraged because your idea doesn’t fit the mold that your industry has set out for you.” – Girija Patel

Meet Girija Patel, GBP Law

Girija PatelGirija is a lawyer, a mom, a wife, podcaster, educator, and a business owner in Houston, Texas. Her law practice, GBP Law, specifically focuses on helping creative entrepreneurs and on-line business owners build their business’ legal fundamentals so they can move forward confidently and do what they love! Her goal is to help make legal a line item and not a panic attack.

In 2020, Girija launched Your Contract Buddy (, an online contract template shop, and also founded her podcast, Law Chat with Girija. From her days of being a prosecutor to now managing her own law practice, Girija’s core value to serve her community remains at the center of all her endeavors.

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Show Notes

  • The importance of reaching out to people to get what you want (:45)
  • What Girija wanted to be when she grew up and how that plays out today (4:00)
  • Moving from formal litigation to more creative law (7:25)
  • Starting City Tattler and Girija’ first taste of creativity (21:00)
  • Heart AND mind; pausing is a formality most of us need to shed (25:00)
  • The importance of standing out to get people to pay attention (32:00)
  • What holds creatives back from a legal perspective? (36:30)
  • Final thoughts: shift your perspective about law to protect your business and ideas (43:00)
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Girija Patel

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