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Ginger Burr

Personal Image, Style and Confidence – Ginger Burr

I don’t think we should comment, ever, on what someone else is wearing. – Ginger Burr

Meet Ginger Burr, Owner Total Image Consultants

Ginger BurrCreating a wardrobe and personal style you love begins with a longing for ease and beauty (your definition of beauty) every time you get dressed.

Ginger Burr started Total Image Consultants with the heartfelt belief that whether you are 25 or 85, you deserve to feel radiant and pulled-together every time you get dressed. Her work has reached women from all walks of life who long to connect with their inner essence to create a wardrobe they love.

She is the author of the book, That’s So You! Create a look you love with beauty, style and grace and has been interviewed by Allure MagazineWorth Magazine, Forbes Magazine and Bloomberg Business Week.

Style is all about what makes you feel the most empowered. If people say things, you’re either gonna think it’s kind of funny, or it’s just gonna roll off of you. And if it doesn’t, then maybe you’re not fully expressing who you are in a way that is right for you. – Ginger Burr

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Show Notes

  • What Ginger wanted to be when she grew up and how that plays out today (:30)
  • How Ginger became an image consultant (3:32)
  • Ginger’s personal image story and how she found her style (7:07)
  • Finding clothes that work for YOU (16:32)
  • “Formalities” Ginger sees in clients that keep them from expressing who they are through style (21:13)
  • What Ginger loves about her work (34:00)
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Ginger Burr

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