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Event Recap: Speak with Confidence Workshop

“I love that it was a small group. It felt less intimidating.” – Kat Ogar, Health Coach

On July 27, 4 motivated professionals attended the Speak with Confidence half day workshop. Each person wanted to develop a different set of skills:

  • Early career professional wanted to feel more confident delivering group presentations
  • Executive recruiter wanted to be seen as a trusted advisor
  • New leader wanted to have better staff conversations
  • Health coach wanted clarity and confidence when giving her elevator speech.

The program included eclectic yet challenging activities like breathing, stretching, writing and reflection, and lots of speaking practice/role play. In addition, each person received coaching from me and each other.

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Lessons Learned

Because of the small group size (designed on purpose), each person practiced three times. The transformation nearly brought me to tears.

  • The health coach tapped into the “why” behind her work, bringing more emotion and clarity to her elevator speech.
  • The new manager spoke in a more softer, caring tone
  • The trusted advisor discovered a critical and missing component to her career story
  • The early career professional learned how to appear confident and welcoming when presenting to groups.

In addition the group learned the importance of:

  • Storytelling to persuade and engage others
  • Taking up space (and not shrinking yourself) when speaking with others
  • The power of breathing to control nerves and pause effectively

The program was designed to address each person’s individual needs and that it did.

Ready to Speak with Confidence?

Does your job require you to motivate others, have difficult conversations, give presentations, share an elevator speech or be seen as a trusted advisor? Do you want to be more effective doing those things? If yes, join a small group of motivated professionals for the next Speak with Confidence workshop on September 27 in Hanover, MA. 4 hours to focus on YOU.

You won’t want to miss this program.

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