What's New in 2021?

Announcement: What’s New at Engage The Room in 2021


A lot happened in 2020, some of it devastating, some of it a swift kick in pants and some of it a reminder of what’s really important to each of us. And let’s face it, 2021 is off, at least nationally, to a rocky start.

Here’s what hasn’t changed. The world needs caring, compassionate, strong leaders with the guts and clarity to get ideas out of their head and into the world in order to create positive change. (emphasis on positive)

That doesn’t happen by staring at a computer screen waiting nor does it happen alone. That’s where Engage The Room comes in.

So, I’m going to cut right to the chase and share the vision, mission and how we might work together in 2021.

The Vision

To create a community of purpose driven (and people focused) business owners & leaders committed to working collaboratively and creating positive change while making sure they have the skills and relationships to do that powerfully.

The Mission

To shed formalities that stifle personalities and ideas so that speaking, selling, decision-making – whatever feels awkward – feels more natural.

Because you cannot advocate for yourself and your genius when you’re “hiding”. Plus human connection is impossible when acting like a robot.

Engage The Room and the message behind it (Shed The Formality) is more than a “training and development” platform, it’s a movement to drop the beliefs and behaviors that keep us from expressing what’s in our heart, making meaningful connections and taking action on ideas.

(To understand where this mission comes from, click here to read the story.)

And if that sounds scary or hard. It should. This work is not easy. There’s good news, though. Engage The Room is here to support those efforts.

3 Ways to Work Together in 2021

People often ask me, “So how do you make money?” Here’s how:

  • The Leadership Studio. Group programs for early career to executive level professionals at fast growing companies that focus on skills like how to run a great meeting, dealing with difficult people, advocating for your ideas, managing stress, etc. Learn more.
  • The Engage The Room Network. Networking and educational events for solo and self-employed professionals (and those who aspire to be) so you can more easily “work a room”, sell your services and ideas, run a workshop or retreat and turn complete strangers into devoted fans. Membership is now available and first timers can test drive a networking event for free. Check it out.
  • Speaking/Facilitation. Hosting an event and need an unconventional leadership speaker or facilitator? Let’s talk.

(Got some time to spare? Take a look around our brand new website to learn more about all of this: www.staceyshipman.com)

Bottom Line

Whether you work for a business or own one (that includes solo professionals) the world needs you, your ideas and your leadership. If you are ready to step out of the conventional bubble and into the powerful business person you are, let’s get to work. There’s a lot to do.

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