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Elizabeth Schaul

Episode 47: Evolving Yourself & Your Career with Elizabeth Schaul

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Self-care, boundaries, being OK not knowing the answers, feeling seen and heard. That (and so much more!) is what Elizabeth Schaul, marketing strategist and women’s empowerment advocate, talks about on this episode of Engaging Voices.

This Weeks Engaging Voice:
Elizabeth Schaul
Marketing Strategist & Women’s Empowerment Advocate
Isabella Grazia

Show Notes:

What Do I Need Right Now? – Elizabeth Schaul

Elizabeth Schaul is a marketing strategist and women’s empowerment advocate.

A creator by nature, she has launched websites, brands, social media programs, and even global marketing campaigns; she was part of the team that put the bronze Fearless Girl statue on Wall Street!

Elizabeth is a lifelong advocate for women’s empowerment. Starting with her education at an all-girls school growing up in the suburbs of Cleveland, OH, Elizabeth has been dedicated to women’s issues for much of her life.

While initially focusing on women’s health, Elizabeth has expanded her advocacy to other issues which impact women’s empowerment, including access to child and elder-care, increasing the number of women in political office, and advancing women leaders.

Through her volunteering, personal development, and advocacy, Elizabeth realized that a shared space for women’s voices would help advance these goals, and for this reason she created the website, Isabella Grazia, which is a collection of stories written for women, by women, and fosters community, connection, and empowerment through expression. The site launched in late 2019 and new submissions are always welcome!

In her free time, Elizabeth can be found knitting, making her own skincare, studying astrology, calling her Congresspeople, salsa dancing, or at the beach.

On this episode Stacey and Elizabeth talk about…

  • What Elizabeth wanted to be when she grew up and how she continues to “create” (:50)
  • Creating your career and yourself during times of change, disruption and uncertainty (3:30)
  • Being OK with not knowing, sitting with grief and emotional discomfort, and identifying what’s helpful (5:00)
  • On feeling seen and heard and setting empathy boundaries with others (15:00)
  • The truth about self-care, refilling your well and being honest with yourself (18:30)
  • Importance of asking yourself, “What do I need?” during change and uncertainty. (26:00)
  • Personal development and the importance of keeping the faith (30:00)
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Elizabeth Schaul

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