To Communicate Powerfully, Believe in Your Ideas

To Communicate Powerfully, Believe in Your Ideas


Do you communicate powerfully?

Last week I watched the TED talk The Anti-CEO Playbook from Chobani yogurt CEO and founder, Hamdi Ulukaya. His premise in the talk? A people, not profit, first mentality in business. Watch it below or click here to view.


The 17 minute talk both riveted me and moved me to tears. He had such passion and conviction when he spoke. Telling stories about how he founded the yogurt plant in NY, rebuilt it and how Chobani became what it is today.

And regardless of whether or not you like Chobani Greek yogurt (or any yogurt) or believe in his people first philosophy, today I invite you to spend 17 minutes watching the video.

Your Message Matters

From a leadership communication perspective, pay attention to his passion, his conviction, his stories, his movements.

What do you see?

And then, without comparing yourself to him, think about how you communicate your ideas in different settings.

  • Do you believe whole-heartedly in what you’re selling to clients and prospects?
  • When speaking up in meetings, do you believe whole-heartedly in how your ideas can solve a problem?
  • When advocating for others, do you believe in those people 100%?

When clients seek me out for public speaking and executive presence coaching, they often tell me they want to improve:

  • The sound and tone of their voice
  • What they do with their arms/body
  • The number of ums and ahs that come out of their mouth
  • And other non-message related items

And while these are important, my first question is always, “What are you trying to say, and do you believe in that message 110%?”

Because if you believe whole-heartedly in what you are saying, the body movement, voice and ums/ahs, with a few tweaks, start to fall into place. You communicate powerfully with more ease and engage people when you speak.

Because powerful communication isn’t forced or arrogant or aggressive. It’s real, honest, direct, genuine, and from the heart.

Powerful Communication Moves People

They think, feel and act differently as a result (and hopefully for the better).

Take a look at the video or listen on your commute and then leave a comment below or send me an email and let me know what you think.

  • Were you moved?
  • What are your thoughts on a people first philosophy?
  • How can you make your communication more powerful by ensuring it comes from the heart?

Your Voice Matters. Keep Shining.

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