The Shed The Formality Podcast has been retired.

However, you can download this podcast and all of the others from my Google Drive archive. 

Engaging Voices Podcast

Episode 52: Your Voice Matters with Guest Host Christine McIntyre

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The tables are turned this week! Guest host Christine McIntyre of Our Sales Coach interviews Stacey Shipman, host of Engaging Voices. Bottom line: your voice matters. Tune in to hear more about Stacey’s story on episode 52 of Engaging Voices.

This Weeks Engaging Voice:
Christine McIntyre, Guest Host!
Chief Growth Officer, Our Sales Coach

Show Notes:

Your voice matters – Stacey Shipman

A Note From Stacey: The tables are turned this week! Stacey sits in the interviewee seat as friend and colleague Christine McIntyre takes the guest host seat! A first for the Engaging Voices podcast and a perfect way to celebrate episode 52 and 1 year of podcasting.

A little more about Christine:

Christine is Chief Growth Officer at Our Sales Coach and spends her time networking and meeting one-to-one to identify the challenges companies, sales professionals and small business owners experience and how it affects them personally and professionally.

Christine’s passion is focused on helping others be successful through the Our Sales Coach training and coaching programs that provide 100% real results.

Before joining Our Sales Coach, Christine worked with several local nonprofits to increase both corporate and community support.

Originally from St. Louis, Christine enjoys music, art, running and history.

On this episode Christine asks Stacey about…

  • Stacey talks about 1 year of podcasting, answers the two most common questions she hears about podcasting and shares a little about what the future holds for Engaging Voices.  (Podcast intro)
  • Stacey’s big dreams as a young girl (7:20)
  • College, early career and how Engage The Room came to be (12:30)
  • How Stacey learned to sell (17:30)
  • The birth of Engage The Room (22:30)
  • What it takes to organize and host a meaningful event (25:30)
  • Move from head to heart when sharing your message (31:00)
  • How Stacey gets ready for a speaking engagement (34:30)
  • What the future holds for Stacey’s work (36:30)
  • What Stacey wants people to know – about her and themselves (39:20)
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Engaging Voices Podcast

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