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Cathy Ripley Greene

Episode 60: Do What’s In Your Heart with Cathy Ripley Greene

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Developing intuition and sharing your gifts with the world. That’s what Cathy Ripley Greene, psychic medium, talks about on this episode of Engaging Voices.

This Weeks Engaging Voice:
Cathy Ripley Greene

Show Notes:
As a Medium, Cathy connects and communicates with loved ones who have passed to spirit. It is her belief that we never die, we just change.

As Cathy likes to say, we are always alive, either here in physical form or in non-physical form. She has come to know that we are spiritual beings here having a human experience and that when we are finished, no matter how long or short that experience might be, we return to that which we came from – pure positive energy, also referred to as Spirit.

Another way she says it is, “We are not DEAD, we are living in another dimension.”

Our beloved in spirit also like to offer proof of presence in our lives by impressing upon me information about current activities in your experience so you will understand that “they see you now.”

On this episode Stacey and Cathy talk about…

  • What Cathy wanted to be growing up and how that shows up in her work today (1:50)
  • What it means to be psychic and a medium (8:25)
  • Moving from chiropractic doctor to psychic medium (12:00)
  • How to develop intuition and psychic ability (18:00)
  • Challenges to promoting a business people don’t easily understand (26:30)
  • The psychic/medium “industry” – entertainment and healing (30:00)
  • How the pandemic changed her business (35:25)
  • Cathy’s final wisdom: Don’t wait til a friend dies to do the work that’s in your heart. (43:00)
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Cathy Ripley Greene

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