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Engaging Voices Podcast

005: Cathie Briggette – Herself 360

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After attending the women’s march in Washington D.C., Cathie Briggette knew she needed to create a platform for women to tell their stories. In this episode Cathie shares her journey to starting Herself 360, the challenges she’s faced and the joy it brings. Gain insights on how to take a spark of inspiration and turn it into a reality.

This Weeks Engaging Voice:
Cathie Briggette
Co-Founder, Herself360

Show Notes:
Co-founder of Herself 360, Cathie Briggette has been in the marketing and technology industry for more than 20 years. During that time she has managed marketing and sales teams as well as built mission-critical databases for everyone from adoption agencies to private equity firms.

After marching for and with women at the Women’s March on Washington in January of 2017 Cathie decided that she wanted to be more involved in women’s issues and empowerment. So she, along with her co-founders, started Herself 360, an online media platform for women who want to tell their stories and build community.

In addition to Herself 360, Cathie helps small businesses with database development and their website search engine optimization (SEO).

She is Certified in HubSpot’s Inbound Sales and Marketing and an active member of Powerful Women Revealed. Cathie is married with 3 children and 2 grandchildren, lives south of Boston and when to busy with technology, loves gardening, golfing and traveling with her husband.

On this episode Stacey and Cathie talk about…

  • Cathie’s dreams as a young girl and how they play out today (1:00)
  • Giving women a voice – the start of Herself 360 (5:00)
  • Using her technology background to give women a voice (9:05)
  • Challenges faced while launching Herself 360 (11:00)
  • Most fulfilling part of launching Herself 360 to date (15:30)
  • Importance of having an advisory board (17:00)
  • Big vision and building community (18:30)
  • Is Herself 360 only for women and what type of content to expect (22:40)
  • 1 year from now, what will Cathie be saying about Herself 360?
  • Insights from Cathie on how to bring ideas to life (29:30)
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Engaging Voices Podcast

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