The Importance of Sharing What Matters

cartoon image megaphone and text "time to share?"

Last Wednesday I hosted four friends for a casual get together in my back yard. Here’s what’s interesting – these 4 people had never met prior. Bringing strangers together – for business or for fun – can be a risk. As a host, it leaves me with questions like: Will people find commonality or have…

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Perform at Your Best with Heart, Mind AND Soul

image of heart & brain riding a bike

Last week my husband Michael and I went to the Van Gogh immersive experience in Boston (along with everyone else it seems!). In addition to the paintings and history, the experience was littered with Van Gogh quotes. Some struck me more than others. Like this one: “I poured my heart and soul into my work…

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Are You Languishing?


Languishing is a buzz word for 2021. You might feel “blah” if you’re languishing. Low energy, lost work motivation, tired of cooking every meal at home. Lots of people I’m talking to lately feel this way. And I’m not immune, either. So, if the “blah’s” got you down, you’re not alone. This is important and…

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Can I Trust You?


“That’s one high trust cat!” My husband said last weekend while we were relaxing by the fireplace. (I snapped the picture because I KNEW it would make a good post.) Before I go further, please meet Habibi. He’s our finicky, sometimes cranky, 17 year old boy, who, despite this chill photo, shows no signs of slowing…

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Resilience & Braving the Elements


  The thermometer read 28 degrees. Would have been easy to say, “Nope, not running outside today.” And yet the desire to get outside, move my body and breathe fresh air proved too strong to ignore. So, I bundled up from head to toe – sock liners, fleece layers, running pants, hat, gloves, neck warmer…

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What do you need today?


  Every Friday at 10:30am I have singing lessons. (Via Zoom, of course)  My teacher, Emily, starts the session with the same question: “Stacey, what do you need from your voice lesson today?” In the beginning I didn’t get it. “I just want to sing!” I’d tell her. The more she asked, though, the more…

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Check-in: How are you doing these days?

Hey, how you doing?

  I tried to write this newsletter 100 times over the past 2 weeks. At least it felt like that many times. So much to say, no creative or brain space to say it the way I wanted to say it. Client work, networking events, prospect calls, website updates, business and household changes, are taking…

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Time for Reinvention (and some changes to Engage The Room)

Reinvent Yourself

  I’ve been talking to lots of people who took time over the Summer to pause, reflect and reinvent themselves, their career or their business. Some on their own and others forced into it due to layoff or furlough or lost business resulting from the pandemic. People who… Started a new business Got a new [dream]…

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