Hiding Behind a Label Or Letting Your Personality Show?

Hiding in a Box

  Labels hide our personality. Unless taped to a package with my name and address and delivered to my front door, I don’t like them. You know, words like: Introvert Extrovert Coach Consultant Techie Etc, Etc, Etc The Problem With Labels Labels lead us to tell a story that may not be true. Not sure what I mean? Here are…

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Networking – The Importance of Staying in Touch

Stay in touch

  Tuesday I texted my friend and colleague Karamel to say hello. We ended up talking on the phone. A few minutes into our conversation Karamel asked, “How come you reached out to me today?” Somewhat taken aback, I said, “No reason other than I was thinking of you. What makes you ask?” “I’m usually…

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3 Ways to Engage The Zoom Room

Zoom meeting

  If I told you Zoom meetings could energize instead of exhaust would you believe me? On Tuesday, I hosted another business networking event for women and received this thoughtful email from an attendee:  “I enjoyed your networking event so much! I’ve done a number of these events with other facilitators, and your mix of…

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Business Relationships: Do People Know You Care?

Care Meter

  Business relationships are vital to achieving goals. And more than ever, people need to know you care. That’s what we’re talking about in this week’s blog post. On Tuesday, I saw something that warmed my heart. I know, it sounds woo woo, but please hear me out. During my morning jog I noticed a…

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What Will Replace the Handshake?

Elbow to Elbow Greeting

  I have a lot of great childhood memories. One that really sticks in my mind? Learning how to shake hands. Uncle Craig, my mother’s youngest brother, would line up my cousins, sister and me as he taught us a proper handshake. I never understood the importance as he approached us one by shaking our…

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Are You Putting Good Karma into the World?

Good Energy

  Last week, I took an online yoga class on Facebook through Burning Wheel Yoga (located in Medfield, MA. I’ve never been to their studio and am enjoying their online classes.) And at the end of class the instructor, Jordan, talked about Karma Yoga. And, even though I’m a certified yoga teacher and avid practitioner,…

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The Elevator Speech: Myths and Mistakes

Elevator Speech Myths

  Well, I ventured into the land of Facebook live and I may never go back! Beth Knaus of That’s A Spade copywriting services and I recently spoke about the elevator speech: myths and mistakes. You can watch the full (30 minute) conversation below or by clicking this link. Or keep reading for highlights of…

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Emotional Awareness: Your Feelings Are Valid

Range of Emotions

  Emotional awareness is not only vital during a global pandemic but anytime you feel uneasy or unsettled. (i.e., like a meeting, pitch or client conversation.) To name and acknowledge your feelings, get curious about them, and take action to manage them effectively allows you to maintain a good relationship with yourself and others. And do good…

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