Are You Languishing?


Languishing is a buzz word for 2021. You might feel “blah” if you’re languishing. Low energy, lost work motivation, tired of cooking every meal at home. Lots of people I’m talking to lately feel this way. And I’m not immune, either. So, if the “blah’s” got you down, you’re not alone. This is important and…

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Speak Up and Share What’s Important

Speak Up & Voice Your ideas

Have you ever attended a client meeting, networking event or other occasion and felt alone or like an outcast because of a question someone asked you? Maybe something like… How about those Red Sox? (When you can’t stand sports) Tell me, what do you do? (When you hate talking about business when you’re socializing) So,…

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Stop Stifling Your Personality


It’s so much easier to network, speak, sell (whatever “self-promotional” interactions feel awkward) when we DON’T have to hide our personality, creativity & ideas. Our personality & way of seeing the world is what makes us stand out in business. Especially in a crowded industry (aren’t they all crowded these days?) And yet, that’s exactly…

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Power Up Your Presence

Stacey & Michael talking

Yesterday I got to facilitate a live, on Zoom, conversation about presence for the RI Bankers Association Women’s group. Two of state’s most senior level executives shared their career experiences and wisdom with close to 200 women. I could have asked them questions all day. It was awesome. We talked about things like: How to…

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Are You Waiting for Permission?


Earlier this month, at one of my online networking events, we used a relatively new Zoom functionality where the host can set up themed breakout rooms (i.e,. Just for fun, favorite ways to promote your business, etc) and attendees can move themselves from room to room. It’s a pretty cool option. The first time we…

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Stacey Shipman a Guest on the Talking Toastmasters Podcast

Talking Toastmasters

Podcasting. Using volunteer roles to build speaking & leadership skills. Networking. Bringing energy to your vision as a leader. I got to talk about all that and more on the Talking Toastmasters podcast hosted by Angela Nuss. The conversation is relevant for anyone who wants to gain insights on how to: Network more confidently Inspire…

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What Makes You Feel Confident?


Running makes me feel confident. Music pumping, heart racing, feet pounding the pavement. Singing in between catching my breath, stretching my arms wide (taking up space, people), smiling and saying hello to people I pass (and in a mask I have no idea if they notice) Running makes me feel like I can do ANYTHING.…

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Can I Trust You?


“That’s one high trust cat!” My husband said last weekend while we were relaxing by the fireplace. (I snapped the picture because I KNEW it would make a good post.) Before I go further, please meet Habibi. He’s our finicky, sometimes cranky, 17 year old boy, who, despite this chill photo, shows no signs of slowing…

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Imposter Syndrome & Communicating Your Value

Imposter syndrome has come up a ton in recent conversations and got me thinking about my own experience with it. Over the years, I somehow became an “expert” in communication skills and ended up coaching leaders on everything from how to tell a better story to how to run a meeting to facilitating their team…

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