Put Yourself Out There

person writing in a journal the words "put yourself out there"

Hi, It’s me. I’ve been really busy. Actually I don’t like the excuse “I’ve been busy” but if you go back and sing those lyrics to the tune of Taylor Swift’s Anti-Hero, you’ll notice it works! Anyway, hello! It’s been some weeks since my last post and lots has happened. I turned 50! Started performing…

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So Many Ways to Tell a Story

red background with white word cloud storytelling engaging entertaining emotion

My nephew Andrew wants to be a tattoo artist. Over the last few years he’s gotten several, large, tattoos. Recently he applied to become an apprentice at a tattoo shop near his college.  Back in January he and I had lunch before he went back to school. Since no one in my immediate family has…

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The Importance of Sharing What Matters

cartoon image megaphone and text "time to share?"

Last Wednesday I hosted four friends for a casual get together in my back yard. Here’s what’s interesting – these 4 people had never met prior. Bringing strangers together – for business or for fun – can be a risk. As a host, it leaves me with questions like: Will people find commonality or have…

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The People Appreciation Edition

4 people toasting each other

Last week at the Virtual Networking Café the theme during the breakouts was gratitude. I chose gratitude for several reasons: We met on Veterans Day It’s November, which although cliché, is a month associated with giving thanks It’s not something I practice regularly. (I wrote about gratitude here. I’m going to revisit the question posed. A teeny…

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[Public] Speaking is Easier With the Right Support

motivational sticky notes

Last week my husband and I grabbed a sandwich and drove out to the tip of Hull, MA to sit by the water, take in the city views and unbeknownst to us, check out the cargo ships up close and personal. At one point we witnessed this giant tanker getting guided through the narrow channel…

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How NOT to Self-Promote

Promote Yourself

Over the Summer, my 17 year old cat Habibi (means dear friend in Arabic) started waking me up before the sun at 4:30 am. While I consider myself an early riser, 4:30 is waaaay too early for me. He’s hungry and relentless at that hour. Breathing (purring) in my face, swatting my cheeks with his…

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Let’s Talk About Social Media – Love it or hate it?

Social Media bubbles

Do you ever long for the good old days? You know, when people talked to each other face-to-face and didn’t rely on social media to “network”, promote themselves or share what they had for dinner in their tiny house or mega yacht? This week alone I had 3 conversations with 3 different people about our…

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Are you Afraid to Be Seen?

promote yourself

I was on a Zoom call last week with Alice (not her real name) talking about a fundraising event she’s hosting in October. As she explained her vision for the day: Women gathering Panel conversation and/or mini workshops on leadership Handful of vendors I noticed she had taken herself entirely out of the event. So…

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