Aggressive or Assertive? Let the Body Decide

building blocks spelling out assertive vs aggressive

The Body = Data OK, this one gets a little “woo woo”. But guess what. For as much I like logic and for things to make sense, communication is about human interaction, and that can be less logical. So, for anyone out there who likes data, numbers or to live in your brain (as I…

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Perform at Your Best with Heart, Mind AND Soul

image of heart & brain riding a bike

Last week my husband Michael and I went to the Van Gogh immersive experience in Boston (along with everyone else it seems!). In addition to the paintings and history, the experience was littered with Van Gogh quotes. Some struck me more than others. Like this one: “I poured my heart and soul into my work…

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New Year: New You or New Perspective?

pigeon looking down over a city

Went rock climbing with my 20 year old nephew on Saturday. An activity I’ve done 2x prior, the last time oh I don’t know 5, 6, 7 years ago. Let’s say, I’m rusty. About half way through our morning I got stuck trying to climb a moderate wall (the climbs are are all rated based…

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Are You Languishing?


Languishing is a buzz word for 2021. You might feel “blah” if you’re languishing. Low energy, lost work motivation, tired of cooking every meal at home. Lots of people I’m talking to lately feel this way. And I’m not immune, either. So, if the “blah’s” got you down, you’re not alone. This is important and…

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Power Up Your Presence

Stacey & Michael talking

Yesterday I got to facilitate a live, on Zoom, conversation about presence for the RI Bankers Association Women’s group. Two of state’s most senior level executives shared their career experiences and wisdom with close to 200 women. I could have asked them questions all day. It was awesome. We talked about things like: How to…

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Are You Waiting for Permission?


Earlier this month, at one of my online networking events, we used a relatively new Zoom functionality where the host can set up themed breakout rooms (i.e,. Just for fun, favorite ways to promote your business, etc) and attendees can move themselves from room to room. It’s a pretty cool option. The first time we…

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What Makes You Feel Confident?


Running makes me feel confident. Music pumping, heart racing, feet pounding the pavement. Singing in between catching my breath, stretching my arms wide (taking up space, people), smiling and saying hello to people I pass (and in a mask I have no idea if they notice) Running makes me feel like I can do ANYTHING.…

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What do you need today?


  Every Friday at 10:30am I have singing lessons. (Via Zoom, of course)  My teacher, Emily, starts the session with the same question: “Stacey, what do you need from your voice lesson today?” In the beginning I didn’t get it. “I just want to sing!” I’d tell her. The more she asked, though, the more…

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