Lost & Found: Getting Grounded in Your WHY

notepad with words remember why you started

Do you ever feel lost? Not in a “I took a wrong turn, my GPS froze and I have no idea where I am” kind of lost. No, I’m talking about something a little more existential. Let me explain. Since making the change from self-employed to “other” employed, I’ve felt a little in limbo. Who…

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So Many Ways to Tell a Story

red background with white word cloud storytelling engaging entertaining emotion

My nephew Andrew wants to be a tattoo artist. Over the last few years he’s gotten several, large, tattoos. Recently he applied to become an apprentice at a tattoo shop near his college.  Back in January he and I had lunch before he went back to school. Since no one in my immediate family has…

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Reflections on 2022: What are you pleased with?

woman in red hat sitting on a rock in a lake overlooking the mountains

What are you pleased with? When I had my business I’d ask this question at the end of a workshop. As part of my 2022 reflection, I decided to ask this question of myself. I like it better than, “What did you accomplish?” Feels more aligned with my desire for ease. Below are three of…

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Run the Experiment

6 test tubes with algae growing

I’m a fan of experiments. Not necessarily the science kind (in high school biology class dissecting the pig sent me over the edge) but the kind that start with ideas.  For instance, my entire entrepreneurial career (15 years) was a series of experiments. I had ideas and wanted to see what transpired. Launching a local…

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Overthinking = Creatively Blocked

person overthinking, a lot of thought, complicated thoughts

I’m the worst…last time I told you I was going to keep up a regular blog and since then I’ve been creatively blocked. Which in my world equates to OVERTHINKING. Have you ever experienced that? Here’s what I’m overthinking… Will this sound foolish? Is it good enough? How can I become the Taylor Swift of…

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Create for Yourself

Multi-color image of drawing items - crayons, paint brushes, scissors, paper

This is a sketch of my house. And my car. Drawn by a 49 year old (me!) whose ability to draw to scale or dimension hasn’t changed since she was 9. Because evidently my driveway leads right to my front door. Or my car is parked on the walkway. You decide.   I’ll wait while…

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FAQs: From Entrepreneur to Employee

4 arms and hands holding up the letters F A Q s in multiple colors

Since announcing the closing of my business and the start of a new job, I’ve been asked a lot of questions. As my friend and digital marketing strategist Susan Finn says, FAQs make some of the best content. So, today I’m answering a few of the most frequent questions I’ve heard since making these career…

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Creative Projects Happen One Step at a Time

two feet walking in woods one step at a time

Are you familiar with the adage: Q. How do you eat an elephant? A. One bite at a time. I’ve been thinking of this a lot as I learn about how to start a food business. It’s easy to want to jump right to sales! While I’m eager to get in a [commercial] kitchen and make…

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