FAQs: From Entrepreneur to Employee

4 arms and hands holding up the letters F A Q s in multiple colors

Since announcing the closing of my business and the start of a new job, I’ve been asked a lot of questions. As my friend and digital marketing strategist Susan Finn says, FAQs make some of the best content. So, today I’m answering a few of the most frequent questions I’ve heard since making these career…

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It’s OK to Quit

wood blocks with "No" written on. Block with "Yes" in the middle

“I don’t want to start a food business,” I told my husband after completing a 5 week course on how to start a food business. “But you made that big announcement,” he said. “What will people think?” “Honestly? I’m not worried about what people will think. And I’m not sure why you are.” He shrugged…

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New Year: New You or New Perspective?

pigeon looking down over a city

Went rock climbing with my 20 year old nephew on Saturday. An activity I’ve done 2x prior, the last time oh I don’t know 5, 6, 7 years ago. Let’s say, I’m rusty. About half way through our morning I got stuck trying to climb a moderate wall (the climbs are are all rated based…

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Stop Stifling Your Personality


It’s so much easier to network, speak, sell (whatever “self-promotional” interactions feel awkward) when we DON’T have to hide our personality, creativity & ideas. Our personality & way of seeing the world is what makes us stand out in business. Especially in a crowded industry (aren’t they all crowded these days?) And yet, that’s exactly…

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Are You Waiting for Permission?


Earlier this month, at one of my online networking events, we used a relatively new Zoom functionality where the host can set up themed breakout rooms (i.e,. Just for fun, favorite ways to promote your business, etc) and attendees can move themselves from room to room. It’s a pretty cool option. The first time we…

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What Makes You Feel Confident?


Running makes me feel confident. Music pumping, heart racing, feet pounding the pavement. Singing in between catching my breath, stretching my arms wide (taking up space, people), smiling and saying hello to people I pass (and in a mask I have no idea if they notice) Running makes me feel like I can do ANYTHING.…

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