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Business Relationships: Do People Know You Care?


Business relationships are vital to achieving goals. And more than ever, people need to know you care. That’s what we’re talking about in this week’s blog post.

On Tuesday, I saw something that warmed my heart. I know, it sounds woo woo, but please hear me out.

During my morning jog I noticed a landscaping crew: 8 men, standing 6 feet apart on the front lawn of the client’s home. It appeared they were getting instructions from one of the guys. Maybe about pandemic precautions, maybe about the work they were about to complete.

What he said doesn’t really matter. Because what I saw made me pause and think, Now, there’s a landscaping company that cares. 

In this pandemic world we now live in, this company seems to care about safety. And safety is a value I hold dearly.

Back at home, I told my husband about them. “If we ever need landscaping, those are our guys!” I said.

Because in this Covid world, I want to know that anyone I hire – in business and personally – cares about this pandemic, the safety of others, and working to get this virus under control so we can get back to living our lives without fear and worry and social distancing.

Do your clients, peers or employees know you care?

Caring is a necessary, and often overlooked, component of business networking and relationship building. We go to an event and think we’re done. Or say good morning to an employee and continue on with the day.

But true caring requires consistent effort and outreach.

Look, there is the old cliché: people do business with those they know, like and trust. So, how, on a regular basis, can you make sure people feel that way about you?

Here are a few real life examples I’ve seen from people in my professional network:

  • Executive coach Nancy Jacoby started writing a blog and posting the articles on LinkedIn. She gets likes, comments and shares – all ways to show she cares and keep her relationships alive.
  • Digital marketing guide Susan Finn hosts a free weekly video chat in her Rise Above Noise Facebook group. She shows she cares by providing relevant information on a weekly basis.
  • Coach Marie Bankuti hosts a weekly human Zoom chat to bring folks together to connect and share what’s going on in their lives right now.
  • Marketing consultant Michael Katz is a big fan of email outreach, in the form of a regular newsletter or simple “hey, how are you doing”, as a way to stay in touch and keep business relationships strong.
  • As for me, I continue to host my podcast and virtual networking events to stay in touch, meet people and give them a chance to make connections and tell their story in meaningful ways.

What might “caring” look like in your business?

The Bottom Line

Relationships are the key to unlock business opportunity. And to have a positive influence people need to know you care. That takes work. Work a lot of folks aren’t willing to do. 

Don’t be like most folks. Be like the landscapers. Stand out. Reach out. Do the work. 

Now, more than ever, people need to know you care. Even if it’s from a distance.

Your Turn to Talk to Me

Is your yard professionally landscaped or do you do it yourself?

How, in business, do you show clients, peers, employees, that you care?

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