The Importance of Bringing Ideas to Life

The Importance of Bringing Ideas to Life


Bringing ideas to life takes courage. 

And watching people bring their ideas to life brings me so much joy. Especially when those ideas improve the personal or professional well-being of people and communities.

That made presenting a workshop on Creating Meaningful Connections in Business and Life last week at the first Elevate Conference in New Bedford, MA a real honor.

But this isn’t about my workshop. This is about the importance of taking your ideas and doing something with them.

An Idea is Born

A year ago Caroline and Kelley met and decided to collaborate to bring the first mindfulness conference to the South Coast of Massachusetts. Anyone who decides to take an idea and run with it, regardless of the outcome, gets an A+ in my book.

Because in the past I’ve hosted events like this with multiple presenters, breakout sessions, renting space, marketing and getting butts in seats – and it’s no easy task. Wondering (fretting?) whether or not people will buy tickets, you’ll make or lose money, and putting your reputation on the line can create angst and sleepless nights.

You may want to give up. You may wonder what the heck you’ve done. 

Yet when it works, it changes everyone’s lives.

Changing Lives

And that’s exactly what Caroline and Kelley did last week. As I sat in the audience listening to their opening remarks, I felt my whole body swell with emotion as tears clouded my vision. I don’t even know Caroline and Kelley that well, having only met them a few months ago when they were guests on the Engaging Voices podcast. 

Yet I could feel their energy and excitement because I’d been there. Because I know how it feels to see an idea come to life.

As the day progressed and I talked to attendees, presenters and exhibitors, I could see the gratitude, joy, tears, hugs, awakenings, and positive transformation happening right in that moment.

Comments like…

“I rarely take time to think about what I want. This day was powerful for me.”

“I feel anxious a lot. I think what I need is more connection.”

“No one has ever asked questions like that. I realize I love my work!”

In a moment like this, what could be better?

The Positive Impact of Taking Action

And that’s why no matter how large or small the idea, if you have one that can make someone’s life better – a book, a speech, a business idea, a product, an event – then you must find the courage to put it into the world.

First, because it will change your life for the better. You’ll gain strength you never knew you had, and you will not be the same person you were when you started.

Second, you’ll change other lives for the better. People often don’t know what they need until they get it. Give them what they didn’t think they needed and create that awakening. It’s powerful.

Finally, when you do it, you’ll have knowledge and insights and the ability to support others on their journey to take ideas and make them a reality. And this is perhaps the best part. The ripple effect. Bringing ideas to life takes courage and support. When you’ve been down that road, you owe it to others to share your insights and lessons. This is how we lift each other up.

Bringing Ideas to Life

The world needs more courage and vulnerability and people bringing ideas to lifeElevate Conference.

No matter how scared you may feel, no matter how large or small the idea, stop playing it safe and take the step. 

Whether you want to write a book, start a business, host an event, deliver a world-changing speech, create a product, your ideas matter. What you do with them matters more.

Your Turn to Talk to Me

What brings you joy?

What’s the one idea you wish you had the courage to do something with?

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